Predator: Hunting Grounds gets the Valkyrie Predator, custom private matches and Big Head mode

Predator: Hunting Grounds gets a significant update today, as well as the new Valkyrie Predator premium DLC.

The Valkyrie Predator carries a two-handed Norse hammer that deals close-range damage. Its secondary attack is an overhead swing, developer Illfonic revealed in a post on the PlayStation blog.

There’s a lore explanation for this Valkyrie Predator. Let this, from lead gameplay engineer Lucas Pederson, sink in:

“As we discovered in October, the Viking Predator can be traced back to when the Viking raiders managed to draw the attention of the Yautja. As the legends of this mighty creature spread, Norsemen saw an opportunity to gain an honourable death by way of this wanderer, so they continued to pursue glory.

“Few even relished over a Yautja death, which angered the Predators, so they sent in their fiercest warrior – the Valkyrie. This newest Predator class’ sole purpose is to choose the slain worthy of a place in Valhalla. Many fought against her in search of glory, but none could best her. So beware, if you were able to bring a Viking Predator down, she is coming for you in this DLC pack.”

Meanwhile, there’s a new custom private mode for clash and hunt. There are some fun-sounding new modes available, including Hardcore Hunt (reduced health, a minimal HUD, and limited abilities), Big Head Mode (does exactly what it says on the tin), Lunar Shooter (low gravity), and The Floor is Lava (Predator bursts into flames when touching the ground). The patch notes are on Illfonic’s website.

Predator: Hunting Grounds launched in April 2020 on PC via the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 4, published by Sony. “A predictably grim spin on a legendary action licence that really deserves better, Predator: Hunting Grounds is unworthy prey,” read Eurogamer’s review.