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Having Troubles With Your Dog? Try These Tips

Isn’t it great owning a dog? Dogs are beloved pets nearly everywhere for good reason. They are active, loving and affectionate. That’s why they are excellent company. You need to be the right companion back to your dog and care for him or her properly. Here are some things you can learn if you need […]


New XPRIZE Funded by Elon Musk Will Award $100 Million For Top Carbon Removal Ideas to Address Climate Crisis

The largest incentive prize in history was announced this month to inspire innovators to develop and scale carbon removal solutions that combat climate change. The nonprofit XPRIZE, which sponsors design competitions to solve humanity’s greatest challenges, will award $100,000,000 for the top 3 carbon removal innovations. The contest, funded by Elon Musk is looking for […]


Mercy Chefs Serves Its 10 Millionth Meal Then, Heads to Texas to Feed ‘Bodies and Souls’ in the Cold

The Virginia-based disaster relief and humanitarian aid group Mercy Chefs reached a magnificent milestone this month, serving its 10 millionth meal. The nonprofit, founded in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, has served professionally prepared, restaurant-quality meals to victims and first responders in the wake of emergencies in 27 states and 10 countries, responding to more […]


37 Years Ago She Began Making Braille Children’s Books to Cut the Cost By 90% And Donate Them Worldwide

According to the National Federation of the Blind, fewer than 10 percent of the 1.3 million people who are legally blind in the U.S. are Braille readers—but one woman has made an incredible difference in their lives. 35 years ago, our son, Jared, was born blind. Fortunately, I learned about her life-changing organization when Jared’s […]


Green Tea Compound Could Hold The Key to Beating Cancer, Says Compelling New Study of ‘EGCG’

Green tea has been consumed in China for 4,000 years—and one of its compounds may hold the key to staving off cancer, according to compelling new research. It switches on a gene called p53, which is proven to block the development of tumors. Known as the “Guardian of the Genome” for its ability to repair […]


Processors in Tech Wearables like Fitbits Could Be Replaced Using Mushroom Mycelium

Wearable electronic sensors, such as those within Fitbit watches and pedometers that detect biological signals, could be replaced in the future by… mushrooms. No that’s not a typo. In a proof-of-concept study, mycelium were able to perceive several external stimuli like light, temperature, and moisture, but also certain chemicals in the environment, and even electrical […]


Strangers Shelter Stranded Delivery Driver for 5 Days During Texas Cold Snap–Now She’s ‘Part of the Family’

Chelsea Timmons decided to make it her last delivery because the roads in Austin, Texas were getting slicker. When she ended up getting stuck in the customer’s driveway, there turned out to be a big silver lining. Not wanting to walk up the driveway, the H-E-B grocery employee tried to make it up the steep […]


UK’s most dangerous roads for speeding revealed with 27,000 offences on worst in 2020

Britain’s most dangerous road for speeding has been revealed as the A282 in Kent, according to new research. The busy stretch, which includes the Dartford Crossing, clocked up 26,920 speeding offences in 2020 despite lockdown, a Freedom of Information (FOI) request has found. A section of the M25 in Surrey placed second on the list, […]